A running-notes documentation of my trip to Japan in 2002. Tip: Scroll all the way to the bottom and read the postings from the bottom up! (New posts appear at the top.) Times will be US Central so I'll try to reference local times in my record. The time in Japan is 13 hours later than in Nashville, FYI.
Scott's Japan Trip Diary

Sunday, April 14
I received an email a couple days ago, from one of the particpants at the colloquium, that I wanted to post here to sort of keep everything together. It is important to remember that the unusual grammar and syntax results from the translation into English of (most appreciated) thoughts originally Japanese:

Dear Merrick

Thank you for your suggestive presentation. With your presentation, I feel
to understand what is remote teachings. Now, we begin to design our remote
teaching styles.
Thank you.

Atsumi shigeaki

(email and phone contact info edited out)

Thank you so much Atsumi. I hope that my presentation will prove helpful to your future efforts.